Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Jane Zhang- If This Is Love [Ru Guo Zhe Jiu Shi Ai Qing] Eng Sub

First Story Of The Start Part1

This is a new start of my very new blog i have alot of things i want to post but let get a start of my girlfrined first bah i guess this is the first post of me & will be a sad post of me. ;( I have been through with my girlsfriend with not long ago it was only four months only but it seen this is my no 8 girlfriend ya i have been through of so many relationship but i never have a good ending in my relationship even in this relationship now but this is a girlfriend of mine that hurt me the most but she can't feel anything at all after hurting me so deep i guess you are the first girl that leting me have a bad feeling after so many relationship ya i guess we can't last any longer cause you have never give me a chance to this relationship before. I was just like a dog of you leting you of what you want helping you with everything but end up it was just a one side love. After this four month of hurt to me thanks alot of telling me that you never want a long relationship at all you know that how hurt for me the know this. But what i can do after so long time of haveing you with me in a sudden want me to let go of you will you think is easy. I think i shoud stop here my girlfriend going to wake up for work soon. To be cont......